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"I have had my house for about 3 years and had to start from scratch in landscaping and personalizing it to suit me . Kings have been a big help in landscaping my front and back yards in a way that reflect the personality of my house . I was very pleased with the plant materials that were chosen for both areas. They are extremely knowledgeable on what is suited to survive winter based on the exposure of the flower bed. I found that they have great talent in combining different colours and textures to make a great presentation from the street as people pass by my home. Kings provide a great service to the Guelph area and should be highly commended on their landscaping services. Thank You"
     - Hugh Husband - Guelph

"The quality of your work last year was A-1.  When a property gets bigger, I find that sometimes corners are cut, especially in the edging and finishing.  You never cut a corner, and it was always a delight to see how great the lawn looked when you were finished.
Many thanks Bob."

     - Gary M. - Guelph

"We had been having some issues with our lawn in our back yard and I called Kings outdoor property solutions in to do an inspection. I work in the construction industry and they had been highly rated by a colleague of mine so I set up the appointment in the early spring. The company rep arrived on time and was quickly able to trouble shoot the problem and provide a cost effective solution.
I have no problem referring customers to Bob as he stands behind his work and is always there to give suggestions and helpful hints regarding your property. My final point speaks for itself and that is from this one call on my street he gained another 4 customers as they recognized his companies work ethics and concern for the customers satisfaction."

     - Curtis Cutting - Cambridge

"Bob and the team at Kings Outdoor Property Solutions provide exceptional service for my property year round.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone."
     - A. Saunders - Burlington

"Thanks to Bob King who does a fantastic job every year with our yard.  He has an eye for detail that is second to none."
      - John K.  - Milton